Jul 16, 2014

Jet Lag

Before we had set off for those distant shores, so many moons ago, in a fit of pique I had visited the school just to see if there was a form or something that we had to fill in.

I didn't think there would be, being under the impression that the Australian approach to education was a little more mature than that displayed by England's tinpot fascist jobsworths, but as it turned out if kids were to be out of school for more than ten days there was something that needed to be filled in for the principal to approve. So I filled it in, and at the time thought it might be a bit hopeful that Eloise would make it back to school on the day following our return, but you never know, so that's the date I put.

Well it turned out that my jetlag optimism was completely misplaced, with various nights being passed in a sad state of wakefulness with four of us tucked up in bed together and variously Eloise and/or Lyra tossing and turning the night away and all of us turning in days and nights of somnambulistic zombiefaction.

Suffice it say that Eloise didn't make it back to school on the day after our return, or on the day after that, or even the day after that.

In fact we were quietly quite impressed when Eloise made it back to school on the fourth day and never looked back.

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