Jul 12, 2014

All Good Things

And so it was that the Epic England  Expidition of 2014 came to an end, bear the shouting.

Sam treated us to Bird's Eye Potato Waffles (they're Waffly Versatile) with baked beans in the morning as our Final Request, and as the day went on we dribbled away, up the road and over the water and up to Perlin's Farm where John and Ros put us up for a night and fed us most hospitably before an early start and a woozy drive up to Heathrow, a somewhat random approach to finding the car rental place, the stress of wondering if any bumps or scratches were going to be a problem, the relief when they weren't, then the submission to the twilight zone of international travel, the blur of the airplane, Paul waiting at the airport for us to hop straight into the car and deliver us to our very door.

And to bed.

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