Jul 2, 2014

Another Trip to London, for Eloise, and the Infernal Beast Redeems Himself, Almost

Eloise went on another trip to London, this time with Anne and Mick (which was handy, considering we were staying with them).

This time the linchpin event was Matilda the Musical, though other activities were undertaken, all of which escape my mind at the moment. I'll come back to it when Eloise is awake. I'll ask her. If I remember.

We had some tasks to perform while the hosts were away. One was to get my wedding ring back to the wedding ring shop. My wedding ring needed to have its annularity restored, as once again it had inexplicably split. Well, let's refine that a little. This split, unlike the previous break, was inexplicable. The previous break was kind of explicable, being caused by a box of ginger beer, but inexcusable. The new split was pretty inexcusable too. So let's say instead that my wedding ring needed to have its annularity restored as once again it had inexcusably split. Unless you believe the ringmakers, of course, who told us instead that this sort of thing can happen.

Still we got the ring back and they were very nice and promised us to fix the ring and mail it back to the address in Hampshire that we gave them where I would be reunited with my token of love.

Our other task was to walk the Infernal Beast Beppi, and we repeated the Heaven-Opener of some days previously, only extending it with a circuit around some mysterious woods. We continued our previous porterage strategy and went armoured with the pram (or stroller, if you prefer), pushing it through the root-knotted ground and the bracken- and nettle-chocked path while the dog ran up and down, failing notably to run away.

Although, to be scrupulously honest and fair, he did assault several dogs before we got to the woods and failed conspicuously to return when Nicole blew on her little whistle and called "Beppi" in a strangely familiar and faintly ridiculous contralto faintly redolent of desperation and disillusion tainted with mild embarrassment.

In the way back we stopped at the allotment to perform watering on new plants and sampled the wonderful post-modern composting toilet.

And a good time, I'm sure, was had by all.

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