Sep 21, 2014

Lyra's Legendary Un-Laziness

How is it that the saying goes: That you can lead a duck to water but you cannot make it swim.

And so it is, metaphorically, with young Lyra, whose aversion to sleep is legendary and a little exasperating. I remember Eloise used to be a bugger for sleeping, but this Lyra...

If she's cream-crackered like after a swim or some protracted exercise-type activity, and a full tummy (which is a feat in itself) then you might stand a chance of getting her to sleep in a bed, and if you do then it's liable to be a three-hour napaganza.

Otherwise the solution is transport-related: the car will do it after a while, the pram possibly. A pram to the playground might work on the way back, maybe. She hasn't fallen asleep on the scooter yet; she used to fall asleep on the bike. We'll see about that sometime in the future again.

Reliable during-the-day time to yourself, though? Forget it.

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