Sep 15, 2014

Bowing Under the Pressure

Part of the deal with the strings thing, which Eloise secretly enjoys but professes not to, is that practice is necessary. It's really that part that she objects to, in a sort of don't want to do it but quite enjoy when we do. That and the early Friday morning rehearsals.

When we practice it's quite nice because I tinkle away on the piano and she scratches away on the violin, and we play together, and she gets a bit better each time. My God though the din she makes.

She has a Concert coming up. It's a big deal in the school calendar. But she's missed out on a lot of Orchestra and doesn't know her music. So we have had a few evenings of intensive work with learning the tunes, which has been kind of fun for me if not for her, and rewarding for both of us as she can now play the tunes with confidence and won't need to mime like I did when we did that orchestra tour of Germany back when I was at school.

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