Sep 5, 2014

Elf and Safety

You cannot say that I have allowed my recent mishap to turn me into a complete arsehole. Well, perhaps it has, and I haven't noticed yet... actually I have my suspicions. But, and I won't go into them for fear of boring you more rigid than you are already, dear, rare reader, but... at least I haven't turned into the sort of arsehole who won't now let his children leave the house without donning protective equipment to the nth degree.

I'm not above some honest-to-goodness lecturing though, so when we went skating this afternoon and Eloise forgot her kneepads etc that Uncle James bought for her many moons ago, I did give her a little lecture about how, yes, it didn't seem like she needed them now, but you never know when something's going to happen.

I did lecture her only after she'd actually fallen over and it occurred to me that kneepads might have made a slight difference. So maybe I'm only subliminally mentally defined by my recent trauma. I do seem to bang on about it interminably, much to everybody's complete boredom and annoyance. It'll be a wonder if I have any friends left by the end of this.

Still we got Lyra onto her too-big scooter that we bought the other week in response to a "You'd better get one of these scooters because prices are just bound to go up soon because of international geo-political complicated issues that we don't understand" message that the toy shop sent us.

It's too big, but I'm too tight to spring for the mini-person handelbar (it plays music) and seat attachment. Besides, Lyra wouldn't accept it if it's not a big person's accessory.

I took Eloise's camera down; it needs some use before it rusts up completely, and thought I'd get some action shots of the girls zipping around. Only drawback being that Lyra can't zip and every time a camera is pointed at her she takes evasive action. I caught her unawares later on though when her guards was down and she'd finally plucked up the courage to use her Death Machine the way a Death Machine should be used.

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