Sep 28, 2014

A Farewell to Alms

What with me and my bones back to supposedly fighting fitness, or at least relatively unrestricted mobility with only middling discomfort, and Mum probably being sick to the back teeth of living on our sofa, and today's date being printed on her ticket, the time had come for her to depart these fair shores and attend to her life back in the Still United Kingdom.

We went out to breakfast at a new place to us called something strange like Form7even, which given its name held out little hope but had reputation and recommendations. It turned out to be quite nice, open and spacious and not next to a busy road, not too noisy, which kids' activities and quite nice coffee with quite nice food served on unusual platters (my veggie smeggie breakfast was served on slate, for that genuine just-mined flavour). Mum even unexpectedly picked up the tab, which was nice.

In the afternoon it was time to say farewell and we dropped her off at the airport, watching her disappear to run the gauntlet of security and automated passport control.

Thanks to Mum for travelling half way around the world to help us out in our hour of need. You executed your duties with character and distinction.

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