Aug 30, 2015

Kite Festival Highlights Recreational Impetus of Retail

lyra kite festival

The Redcliffe Kite Festival was somewhat disappointing this year; nice that we got parked relatively close, nice weather, a few nice moments, but basically a field with a few kites being flown flanked by an absolute legion of market stalls selling all manner of crap.

Apparently these mark the ingredients of a successful day out these days; wandering around from stall to stall being hassled by children to by rubbish they don't need and in fact don't even really want.

I queued up for hours - well, many minutes - for a coffee, stupidly, before watching a pointless demonstration of water-skiing prowess which nobody was very impressed by despite the commentators exhortations to enthusiasm, before more market stalls. It was all a bit meh. Apparently a word.

The indisputable highlight of course was the Risen Madonna with the Big Boobies.

risen madonna with the big boobies

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