Aug 5, 2015

Eloise Off to Camp

Eloise was very excited to be going to Camp with school, up to Currumundi on the Sunshine Coast for surfing adventures with minimal supervision (she hoped). She'd even (under duress) packed her stuff up the night before, actually going to the trouble to pack chocolates and lollies (that's sweets to your English) to sneak in surreptitiously.

So a slightly frenetic morning as we were to pick little Piper up on the way and deliver her into the hands of the waiting teachers. Honestly they were only going away for a few days but they had enough bags to sink a troop transport, thanks to the ridiculous ready-for-any-eventuality checklist that was helpfully delivered to us, including such items as lip balm (in case the poor dears get overchapped).

We arrived to find a melee of parents and children milling around windily, anxious about the unprecedented multi-night separation. I just got on with things and got the girls' bags near the relevant transport.

Only then it turned out that Piper had some medication that needed to be registered with the authorities so we had to join the medication queue and answer some silly questions, me masquerading as her mother until the teacher met my eye, I owned up and we decided that bugger it, it was just some aspirin.

Oh, and Eloise decided that she'd left her sunglasses at home, so I had to hotfoot it back with Lyra to find the blimming things, which were nowhere to be found, of course. And she forgot to take her secret sweeties too.

Later it transpired that the sunglasses were in her bags. Maybe just one of them.

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