Aug 8, 2015

A Ride in the Winter Sun

Pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Went for a bike ride up Kedron Brook. Initial infantile reluctance expressed with loud screaming, reminiscent of torture chambers of early Renaissance era, overcome with brute force, resulting in loud screaming, reminiscent of torture chambers of late Renaissance era.

Screaming swiftly abated as we got underway as infant remembered that riding along on a bike isn't all that bad actually, especially when there's a botty-crack not many inches in front of you that causes high-pitched hoots of surprised when hands are applied.

Sunshine over Kedron Brook warms the cool air, chilly in the shadows but the Gaston suit keeps us toasty.

Parents elect to stop at modest playground where climbing and swinging is done. Some exercise equipment also experimented with, to little effect.

As the sun goes down and the warming rays withdraw, more screaming as bike-mounting reluctance reinstates itself in force.

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