Aug 7, 2015


We picked Eloise up after her return from Camp Adventure (or whatever it was called) and it seemed that, bless her, she had missed us all terribly, as evidenced by much cuddling and rolling around on the ground once we were out of sight of her chums.

She had been paddle-boarding, amongst other things. That was certainly the highlight of my recollections of what she did. I can't remember anything else. Maybe she didn't tell me. Now I think of it, there may have been some adventure swinging and rafting, that sort of thing.

She did tell me that the food wasn't as good as she gets at home, so it must have been appalling indeed.

And apparently some of these Aussie kids just can't help getting up at the crack of dawn and waking everybody else up.

But all that aside it seems that it was an experience that she may not forget for some time to come.

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