Feb 1, 2015

'Orrible 'Istries

When the chance came up to go and see the Horrible Histories stage show, it couldn't be passed up. It's understood that the English version has been seen by the Wight Contingent and commented upon positively; and it's one of the few programmes that Eloise watches that might potentially have some educational value. And I enjoy it too. It's genuinely funny and rather entertaining, unlike most of the crap she claims at the time to be her favourite programme and completely unmissable.

So we ordered some plum seats and have been looking forward to it for a while.

Marion with her bargain-hunter nose for a deal bagged some last-minute cheapo tickets so we met up with them, in a manner of speaking, by exchanging text messages and waving to their distant shapes way back from our row two seats.

I'm sounding all hoity-toity about it but actually for this show a seat on the second row: possible mixed blessing. It soon became apparent that audience participation would be an element, leading to feelings of apprehension as the performers' eyes roved around looking for potential victims.

Still the show was entertaining, for all that the actors weren't the ones we were used to, and there were only two of them; the pace was quick, costume changes rapid, all delivered flawlessly as far as I could tell... there was just a certain something missing that I can't quite put my finger on that left me feeling just a smidge disappointed.

Still, never mind eh. We met up with the others during the interval and for a while afterwards then got in contact with Nicole who along with Lyra had been celebrating World Tutu Day, though mysteriously without tutus.

We waited in the car park for them, eager to use the car park pass that I'd bought with the HH tickets, then maundered around South Bank, eventually settling at the kids' play area of the State Library for an hour or so of fun and me, inexplicably weary, trying to keep my eyelids in the open position.

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