Feb 15, 2015

Eloise in Ballet-Related Personal Success

This thing came up at Eloise's dancing school for an audition for a place doing some performance, after a few weekend-day's worth of practice, at some prize-giving ceremony that has something to do with some big ballet organisation or something, and Eloise thought, when someone had some words with her about it, that there might be something to it, and maybe it would be some fun, so she'd give it a go.

An indication of the level of the seriousness with which she was taking it was that she went for a sleepover around a friend's house the night before, and needless to say didn't go to bed til, I don't know, probably around midnight.

An indication of the level of seriousness with which I was taking it was that I let her go to this friend's place for a sleepover.

An indication of the level of seriousness with which Nicole was taking it was that she went around and fetched Eloise from the friend's place at 7.30am to get her ready. Bear in mind, though: Nicole's a morning person.

The story goes on as follows: the audition was at 8.30am, and Nicole, having taken Eloise the not very considerable distance to the venue, was told that she wasn't permitted to attend, and so came home again.

Eloise had to negotiate the whole thing solo, something I'm not sure that I would have had the confidence to do at that age, making friends and doing what she needed to do, being where she was supposed to be, paying attention, and all that.

Nicole had to return later on, and reported that parents had to wait outside before being brought in to escort their child home if the child was unsuccessful - and there were a few tear-stained walks of shame, I am told - or else retire, head held high, as the successful child would be spending the rest of the day there learning and rehearsing.

Nicole came back, on her own.

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