Feb 21, 2015

Cyclone Marcia is Coming To Visit

We can't say we haven't been warned. They've been banging on for days now about how much rain we've been going to get as part of this low-pressure system that's been coming in from the Coral Sea for ages.

On Wednesday, was it, the low pressure system intensified in a cyclone which the powers-that-be named Marcia, apparently in some homage to the Partridge Family, or maybe not.

By Thursday, the storm was "powering" or "barrelling" towards the coast at Yeppoon and had intensified to a Category Five cyclone which is very exciting and as strong as you can get!

Coincidentally on Thursday the rain "they" had been banging on about for days was supposed to kick off; we were precautionary in our travels, expecting a deluge of 500mm. We met up with C&G down at South Bank and parked distantly for reasons that are slightly to un-simple for me to be bothered to type about or for you to be interested in, and I was slightly concerned that we would be caught out.

But the rain didn't arrive; just a few showers.

On Friday, the radio was telling us that Marcia was continuing to "relentlessly" "barrel" and "power" "remorselessly" towards the coast and that it would then continue down the coast.... towards us. The local radio went into Emergency Mode, which is always exciting, but the subtle tension and energy hovering behind the superficially calm announcers' was unmatched by the light rain and calm air outside.

The calm weather persisted all day, with the rain building up bit by bit. People were clearly expecting drama later in the day; and the rain continued to build up. We ended up picking H up from school along with E, with doubts in the air about evening traffic, but in the end no dramas; we went for a walk to the Brook and found its banks burst and the flow well spated, man.

And so, here were are, with the cyclone nearly upon us, right now, and the rain is getting heavier, but the air is still still. Oh, and it's not a cyclone anymore - it's "just" a tropical low, again.

I am making no predictions.

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