Feb 6, 2015


On Thursday Lyra became mysteriously very weary in the late afternoon as the Gavmobile made its way back from picking up Nicole after a day of gallivanting around Hawthorne with C&G and taxiing dancers and so on.

It was observed that she was running a temperature and paracetamol was administered, and all seemed to be improving until she attempted to eat some gunnoc-chi whilst sitting in Nicole's lap.

Nicole's lap was soon covered in a slick of milky creamy potato chunder, and the deck received a clean whilst a bath was hastily prepared.

Soon Lyra was asleep in our bed, having failed even to get to the end of the evening's pre-bed reading; an almost unique event.

The next day we resolved to have a sofa-day but Lyra, still sporting a temperature, had shaken off yesterday's torpor and was now as full of beans as a can of beans that's full. And no more vomiting. Though I did withhold the paracetamol.

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