Jan 15, 2015

Tropical Island Midgeridoo Blues

Just in case you thought it was all plain sailing and that Straddie (more inventive than "The Island," eh, Wighters?!) is a location of absolute subtropical perfection, I do need to bring up the subject of the sandflies (more properly referred to, according to Wikipedia, as Biting Midges).

We should have taken more precautions I suppose, but around dawn and dusk these tiny buggers were out and merrily munching on our body parts when they could; lower legs, arms, upper legs, tummies, heads.

You'll recall from our long-ago Rainbow Beach exploits that beachside camping has previously been a problem for us and we had deployed actual bottles of anti-midge drinking stuff that makes you smell bad for them. If only we had thought of that this time... sandfly bites are very itchy! very itchy! and if you scratch them the tops come off and they scab up and remain very itchy! and make you look like you have the bubonic plague! Not nice.

So, itching in the dead of night, itching in the morning, itching in the evening. Apply your insect repellent regularly and generously, kids!

Be all that as it may, on the Wednesday we had a lazy day. Marion and Hannah pitched up for a single-night visit so there was much swimming done by children and adults alike, snorkelling and so on and so forth. We repeated the Point Lookout adventurette as Nicole had missed it before and wanted to reward the helpful children who had assisted with washing up by buying them not-ice-cream.

As the sun went down (no dolphins again) we hung around in our shallow bay with glasses of wine, under a darkening clear sky.

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