Jan 19, 2015

Holiday Cinema-Going and Salad Unbagging

School holidays, with Lyra in childcare on a Monday means trips to the cinema. Eloise and I have seen Paddington (very good), we took Mia to see Big Hero 6 (very good) and we took Hannah to see Penguins of Madagascar (distinctly average; some funny moments, but I feel asleep).

After PoM we went shopping for a few groceries. Nicole had requested a bag of salad for her lunches; Eloise selected on then proceeded to repeatedly toss it at my back as we worked our way through a couple of aisles for a few other comestibles, with me rolling my eyes and attempting to ignore the errant behaviour.

Of course, it was never going to end well and the fun Eloise had cleaning the salad from the floor after the bag burst and spilled its contents!

Nicole was displeased at the bruised salad that she was presented with. I did feel compelled to purchase the bag that had been so wilfully destroyed.

Perhaps Eloise will turn over a new leaf and start to respect other peoples' shopping in the future.

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