Jan 13, 2015

Point Lookout

It rained late that evening, bringing home the hardcore fisherfolk after the rest of us had retired. The rain beat all the harder on the tent for having been filtered through the big shade tree, which turned small raindrops into big raindrops, but Lyra - whose Kenilworth Night Terrors had led us to be concerned for the sanity of our fellow campers this time - remained sweetly oblivious and slept like the apocryphal log.

In the morning, I was ready for my camping lie-in, but having been inexplicably unwilling to leave the tent during the night to urinate on the nearest available bush (or tent) I was crossing my legs and twisting my unmentionables to the point where I thought I'd stayed in bed long enough and it was probably time to get up, only to find it was about seven o'clock in the morning.

Still, breakfast, swimming, more swimming, loafing, coffee, loafing, and swimming seemed to take care of the day until it was mentioned that a trip to Point Lookout to walk a walk might be in order, and it being lunchtime by now, an inducement of gelato (that's ice cream that isn't ice cream to you philistine foreigners) got the little legs going, and off we set.

Slight complication: Lyra fell asleep in the car so while I drove her and Nicole back for the habitual booster-to-bed transfer operation the others had fish and chips.

Back at camp I snaffled some quiche and I admit a ten-minute power nap before heading back to rondyvoo with the remainder of the ragged rabble before we rampaged off on our ragged ramble on the Gorge Walk, an easy over-engineered boardwalk affair which was very nice, taking us around the headland and a sea-gorge of sandstone (I imagine) under sunny skies which turned leaden as we rounded the corner of the island to see the ocean-side beach stretching away into the surf-hazed distance.

Gelato-eating was accomplished relatively easily. Eloise didn't want all of hers as she has the appetite of a flea with an eating disorder, so I had to polish hers off as well. Oh woe.

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