Jan 12, 2015

The Ocean's Diminished Bounty Enthusiastically Left Undiminished

Nicole and Debra stayed behind at the camp while Eloise and I went to experience the apparently similarly life-changing tantric joy of fishing with the rest of our camping cadre at the jetty a hundred metres away in the other direction from the dolphinium. Eloise had a whale of a time (har har) getting to grips with her rod, casting it left right and centre when she shouldn't have been, and became instantly convinced she was a world expert angler and consequently extremely reluctant to follow the simplest of instructions.

Needless to say she didn't catch a thing, though to be fair not many fish were caught and those that were were too small to be landed.

I spent a non-life-changing couple of hours untangling tangled fishing lines by torchlight while large stingrays glided along underneath us, mysteriously oblivious to the lures and bait dangling from the many rods being apparently expertly deployed from above.

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