Dec 31, 2013

New Year Visitation

Nicole's brother, young (though not so young as he used to be) Chris and his family - Nicole (who stole my wife's name), and the children Isla and Olly - came to visit us on New Year's Eve.

Eloise had been looking forward to meeting the cousins, never having met baby Olly before, and after some trepidation and pussy-footing she and Isla meshed their gears and got on with the serious business of establishing who was Boss.

This was mixed in with some equally serious copy-catting (did I mention that Isla is only four years old?) which was quite funny to watch.

My Nicole went into hostess mode and on went the barbie and New Year's Eve festivities saw Isla, over-tired, having an episode of defiance followed by melt-down and bed, then Eloise determinedly watching the Avengers to see her through til midnight falling asleep on the sofa at ten o'clock for the night. The frown-ups made it til midnight and that was that for us old codgers (speaking for my Nicole and myself).

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