Dec 12, 2013

Dog Days are Done

We carried her to the car, and we drove to the vet, and we carried her into the vet. The vet looked her over, and X-rays were taken. The X-rays were normal but other tests showed that there were problems with the nerves going to her legs, and though she could move them she couldn't tell where they were.

So steroids were dispensed in the hope that it was some swelling somewhere that was pinching the nerves and she was carried back to the car and driven back home and carried back to the sofa under the house.

She laid on the sofa and we looked in on her from time to time. She took herself into the garden again and laid under the trampoline.

In the night it started raining, waking us up, and we went out and found her at the bottom of the garden. We carried her up into the dry back onto the sofa.

To cut the story short, by Thursday she was off her food and lying in the garden with little stream-bed draining behind her, no improvement to her mobility, so we decided it was time to say our goodbyes and bring it, and her, to an end.

Eloise decided that she wanted to be there at the end and we were all stroking her as the needle went in, and crying as she slipped away.

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