Dec 10, 2013

Dog Days

All is not happy in Matilda's world. As you'll know, she is a dog of senior years and has many miles trodden beneath her soft paws.

She has been slowing down for a while but still the spark was there until last week, when on the way home from dropping Eloise off at school, she took herself down into a creek for a drink and a paddle. Lyra and I pushed on for a while but then had to turn back when Matilda hadn't caught up, to find her still in the creek, unable to climb the steep sides and in need of help.

So I climbed down into the creek and had to lift the poor girl bodily out.

And for a next few days she hobbled about, a little shorter every time, til she could barely make it round the block.

So, to the vets and we talk about arthritis and ticks and so on and put her on anti-inflammatory tablets.

And on Saturday night she fell down the stairs and hasn't been upstairs since, she's taken herself to the bottom of the garden, and she's just lying there, with a wag of the tail if we go down to see her, and a drink of water if it's put in front of her.

So we don't know if she's hurt her back or been bitten by something nasty or whether she's just ready to die.

In about an hour we'll carry her to the car to go to the vet again for some x-rays and we'll hopefully find out what's going on, but in the meantime it feels a lot like some sort of crunch-time is impending, and that's not a nice feeling at all.

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