Dec 4, 2013


Here is Little Lyra, puckering up for her first kiss with Mum. How sweet. She just sort of decided to do it, and then she wouldn't stop. I don't get kisses of course, that just wouldn't be right, would it? It's not some sort of egalitarian utopia that we live in, after all.

On Monday, Little Lyra took herself for her first little walk. How exciting. She was messing about with a toy, Nicole had her stood up, and off she went. Now, if properly launched, she will go for four or five paces before realising what is occurring and then falling over or lowering herself gently into a more feasible position. Still, now everywhere she has to be accompanied. If she wants to go to anywhere - for instance the shops - she'll crawl up to you and hold out her hand, into which you'll be obliged to insert your finger, before setting off at a humungous pace, climbing stairs two at a time, before seeing something, stopping, and returning the average walking pace to something considerably more glacial.

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