Oct 19, 2011

Storm Season

Storm Season With the read on the Southern Oscillation Index showing another La Nina year, and record rainfall in the North (500+mm so far this week), we had a few days of storms last week.

They rolled in from the West in the afternoon. Last Thursday we went to Yoga and the clouds were rolling in as we set off. The heavens opened a minute or so before we arrived and we made it the ten metres from the car door to the front door of the Uniting Church getting only slightly drenched.

It absolutely hammered down for about an hour and there was water lapping at the door for a little while.

We had another on Saturday (Friday's didn't arrive where we were) which was more of a damp squib but it rained pretty heavily for a little while and there was hail mixed in with it as well.

When the hail started I decided to bring the car in and made it the ten metres or so from the front door to the car door getting only thoroughly drenched before bringing the car in, and the rain stopped.

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