Oct 19, 2011

Soldiering On

Ballet Exam So poor Eloise hasn't been too well!

She went to bed on Friday night with no apparent problems, but took herself off to the toilet about an hour later and emptied herself orally into the toilet, beginning a cycle of vomiting that lasted most of the night.

Eloise manned the brow on Saturday whilst I did dog walking and market visiting, and Eloise slept for a while but woke up later (not literally) on fire and with a stiff neck.

Apparently this is among the symptoms of meningitis so I got a call from Nicole suggesting a might finish my business at the market and head home, and not being one to second-guess the medical profession, I duly finished my business at the market and headed home.

We hot-footed it casually down to the hospital and within ten minutes we were ensconced in an emergency room with a doctor giving her the once over, noticing inconvenient things like lizard bites and early-stage ear infections before pronouncing her infected with some gastroenteritic thingummybob and proceeding with miracle treatment.

A strawberry flavoured wafer of anti-vomit stuff was placed upon her tongue by way of confirmation and a little later some Nurofen before rehydration was carried out using ice pops and fruit cordial.

The pasty girl soon had colour draining back into her cheeks and was soon exchanging cheeky faces with the nurses and a couple of hours later we were out of there, much happier.

Still not quite right, she was a little distressed when she remembered that she'd missed her practice for her ballet exam on Tuesday and resolved to be better in time for her lesson on Monday. Which was impressive commitment, I thought.

Alas this was not to be as she started soon to complain about a sore ear, so the Paracetamol and Ibu-stuff dosage continued and on Monday morning an appointment with the GP made.

She insisted on going to her ballet class and given how important it obviously was we let her go to ballet but she had to miss Acro so she could visit the nice doctor.

The doctor diagnosed something complicated like Bullisotitis Media - which translates as tons of pus in her middle ear, so we added antibiotics on to the meds list.

She still made her ballet exam on Tuesday.

Hopefully back to school tomorrow. Mum's doing Tuck Shop.

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