Oct 30, 2011


Vampire As Hallowe'en falls on a schoolnight we did our duty this weekend.

We went to the costume shop yesterday. Eloise has oscillated between wanting to be a vampire and a skeleton. She didn't like the skeleton suit at the shop so we were back to vampires, and bought some teeth and fake blood. Eloise scented the chance of some clothes and decided she wanted to be a fairy princess vampire in the hope of securing a pink dress, but that was vetoed at the prices they were charging and unfortunately the op-shops were closed by that time.

A good thing really since as it turned out Eloise and Hallowe'en aren't yet fully on terms intellectually.

She tried her teeth but then decided she didn't like them, and opted for regularly dressed with fake blood. I thought she looked pretty good in her vampire teeth, but she wasn't having it.

I had stick-on vampire incisors but the putty didn't work, and they didn't stick on. So I too was regularly dressed but liberally spattered with fake blood.

We visited a few friends who had been pre-warned. Not for us cold-calling trick or treat rejection.

In other news, Nicole is off to Sydney this weekend for a conference. Having flown with Qantas, she's now stranded, treated with the same casual contempt shown to every other customer as they psychotically took their entire fleet offline in response to some one-hour stoppages and militant red-tie wearing.

So we'll see her when we see her.

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