May 17, 2015

The Day We Went Pants-Shopping

We are working on the toilet-training now, taking our cue from Nursery, who are approaching the development stage with a one-size-fits-all business-like zeal.

Actually the first I heard of it was when Lyra came home in pants rather than a nappy, but then who am I to complain, I'm just the poor emancipated stay-at-home Dad.

Anyway, if the time is right then the rhyme is tight, and the days of wearing pants superhero-like outside the nappy as some sort of token familiarisation gesture are over, I say, over, and it's time for pants, and bugger the consequences.

Here is Lyra, pants-shopping on a particularly entertaining Sunday afternoon in the Big W. You'd like to think that she was just tired and having a moment there, in the middle of the floor, and I'll do nothing to disabuse you of that notion.

There, look at the lovely reflections of those lights on the highly polished lino.


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