May 22, 2015

Small Animals Make Girls Happy

So these mice had become surplus to requirements for the Thorpes, what with the kids who ostensibly owned the animals - all three of them taking pleasure in the company of their respective rodents whilst taking little responsibility in their upkeep - having opted to ditch them.

Eloise, having made a name for herself at various visit and parties as an animal person, was nominated as a potential rescuer. And very keen she was.

My condition, as she was so very keen, was that she needed to make contact with Daddy Thorpe to organise the takeover of the mice, and after many many moons had passed, she overcame her understandable fear of Indomitable Dave - he of the No-Nonsense approach, although he's actually quite personable I think - and phoned them to arrange their pick-up.

And now we have these mice, ensconced in her bedroom. They smell, Nicole is allergic, they are a source of eternal conflict with Lyra.

But Mimi and Vader (one mouse died while Eloise was prevaricating) make Eloise happy, and I suppose that it what counts.

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