May 20, 2015

Swimming Progress Report

The nice thing about swimming when we do is that just afterwards the pool is empty(ish) and so we get to have a bit of a mess-around afterwards for half an hour or so before some "mature ladies" "hop" into the pool for some "exercise."

Also, with the stage that the little tadpoles (that's a technical term related to their skill status and aptitude) are at, the parents are hands-off for half the lesson and get to float around in the pool talking inconsequential bollocks to one another while the sproglets not-really-swim around with the teacher.

Next term, we're told, the parents will be excluded from the pool and reduced to sitting by the side while the urchins do their thing. When Eloise reached that stage, I remember there being a barista close at hand, but that was a different pool, and a different time.

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