Apr 14, 2015

Laid Low

With school holidays in full swing, a lower back complaint, and a camping trip abandoned due to fogeyness and infirmity, what better time to contract a debilitating viral distemper!

With Nicole at work of course there is no choice but to soldier on, but with a few days off, the invisible unconscious getter-upper flicked into Bugger This mode, and with symptoms which I may list in exhaustive and melodramatic detail momentarily, Eloise and I took the opportunity to fail to leave the house for four days.

The first day I have covered already, in which I/we spent the day resting my back in front of the TV in a rarely-sanctioned telethon of titanically tortuous trash, but from there on, as my nasal cavity became dry then wet then blocked, my chest filled with anti-breathing fluid, my sinuses with hydraulic headache making goo, and my joints with what I suspect may have been low-grade grumbling oil. All of this of course required my body to adopt a strategy of sneezing and coughing, a path which with the muscular complaints already present resulted not only in kitchen-roll sheets full of snot and goo but also in paroxysms of exquisite agony the likes of which I haven't experienced in, oh, several months.

Eloise got her part was feeling reasonably chipper during the day (she claimed, but didn't look) but at night nose-diving, abandoning all pretense, and invariably chundering womanfully in the house's en-suite in the early hours before climbing into our bed for some four-in-the-sickbed witching-hour somnolent jostling.

When Eloise and Nicole both started to complain of sore backs I began to wonder whether my back was in fact not broken at all but actually recovered and superseded by viral discomfort. Still my self-administered doctor's orders were bed rest and plenty of it. I even had some AFDs. That's how serious it was.

Still I was disabused of that notion as my upper bodily motility returned, sadly not accompanied by lower body obedience, and as I emerged from y pit it was to stagger around the place in a continuing John Wayne impersonation.

Nicole didn't get it too bad, luckily. Lyra blissfully unaffected. So far,

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