Apr 15, 2015


Another trip to the hairdressers, with Nicole having her finely sculpted eyebrows finely sculpted and Eloise having herself snipped and preened.

It's up to me to control the Thuggernaught and attempt to keep the salon from irreparable damage, physical and mental. Normally I would go next door with Lyra and imbibe some craft brew, but last time I tried that I had to attempt to keep the bar from irreparable damage, and an orchid may have come off the worse for wear. Orchids! That's inner-city hipster metrosexual bar life for you.

Eloise had a couple of centimetres taken off, which must have taken something around two minutes of young Tegan's time, and then an expansive shampoo and blow-dry session that went on for, well, enough time for the Imp to rearrange the chairs in the place, sample the hair-washing area, drink some hot chocolate, and interfere with the attractive presentation of "product."

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