Apr 26, 2015

Autumnal Beachcombing

For the first time in ages, a trip up to the beach. We climb in the car and troop up to our old dog-walking haunt at Mooloolaba or Buddina or whatever the actual suburb is for a spot of rock-hopping at Point Cartwright.

The weather has started to turn and the nice sunny yet somehow chilly days are with us, with the less hardy in long sleeves and others sticking resolutely to shorts and thongs.

We picnic at a playground, then walk around the point. Debating whether Lyra is up to the climb around the point underneath the cliffs - the tide is high and the waves rolling in, some of the rocks quite slippery - but we go for it, the heavy going soon taking its toll on the little trooper as she starts to flag with tiredness.

Around on the flat rocks on the other side, Lyra lies down in a saltwater pool and refuses further progress. I hang around with her and some seagulls looking out over the bay, the waves crashing against the rocks a little way off, the spray shooting up behind.

Returning to the car for some food and a restored Lyra messes about on the exercise area with Eloise. Eloise is showing off her splits ability, much to everyone's disgust and envy.

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