Jan 16, 2013


Albert River So, no doubt you'll have been reading all over the news about bushfires and record temperatures in sunny Australia.

And indeed, over the New Year period and into January, it's been pretty damn hot.

We were invited by one of Nicole's chums down to a farm down near Beaudesert for a day of camping/relaxation and had a lovely time messing about on the Albert River in some inflatables.

We rode a couple of cascades, modest little waterfalls between swimming holes, which was immensely enjoyable until of course we went that one step too far and tried to go over that last waterfall that had a dog-leg in it, and that all ended in fear and tears, but no harm done!

Matilda came down with us and made friends with the other dogs that were there - Nicole's friend Lis was camping with her extended family, and in true Aussie style this meant a canvas city, twenty people and several dogs. Matilda had a pretty good time nosing around, sniffing dogs' bottoms, and paddling around with us,

In fact, for reasons which remain murky, she point-blank refused to get into the car at the end of the day for the journey home.

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