Jan 16, 2013

Lyra's First Encounter With Illness

Little Lyra continues to do all the things that she is supposed to do, beaming merrily while she does many of them. "Mim," she opines, some mysterious request for what is most probably milk. And, if that is not understood, of course there is the Four Fold Way of Outrageous Demand that ends in desperation and strained eardrums on the behalf of her subservient parents.

All has not however been plain sailing. For the last couple of weeks, she has been beset by a vicious, racking cough, productive from time to time with a thick mucus. As often as not, it will trigger a bout of vomiting the projectile range of which would from time to time challenge even the most committed of teenage hedonists.

She was sitting in her Electronic Rocking Chair of Immediate Quiessence the other day after a bit of a feed when she had a bit of a turn, coughing then producing a fountain of chunder that left her with a pool in her mouth to deal with, which could have ended badly.

As so, parents on alert, in the still watches of the night we fret that an unfortunate accident will occur and we wake at the slightest sound, anxiously turning her onto her side or front for fear of a choking catastrophe. Lyra sleeps through it all, remarkably. We do not.

We took her to the doctor the other day, more as a derriere-covering exercise than anything, and she agreed with us that it's just a cold, but a sticky one and it's unfortunate that mini-immune systems can't shift sickness more quickly.

So, c'est la vie, but we're looking forward to this being over and getting back to a decent night's sleep.

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