Dec 29, 2012

Jolly Christmas

Christmas was warm this year and on the day in question, after various present-openings and Skypings we drove off into the mountains to Jolly's Lookout, overlooking Samford Valley, for a barbecue.

Santa had in fact delivered the Roller Blades, much to Eloise's delight, and additionally she had been given a multitude of presents the likes of which I can't remember ever seeing before but which I'm sure pale into insignificance compared to the hauls captured by some children at this, the time of Goodwill to All Men. Aside from the blades, and not wishing to embark on a crass listing of every last bauble and trinket, there were painting sets, Attenborough DVDs, books, Lego, CDs, other stuff, and more stuff.

The painting set came up the mountain with us but was trumped by the Roller Blades. Lisa Mitchell was the soundtrack heading up the mountain, the Mumfords on the way down.

We had a plan to watch Attenboroughs in the evening and eat junk food, but there was more Skyping to be done and by the time, etc. etc.

We actually ate less than we eat normally. For shame.

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