Dec 29, 2012

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season, apparently, to be jolly, and so jolly we shall jolly well be.

An a fit of organisational unusualness, we actually got our Christmas shopping done pretty damn toot sweet, with Eloise catered for in varied and unusual ways and packages winging their way England-wards quite well ahead of time.

We even spend a couple of days getting stuff for ourselves, though we might not consider them Christmas presents per se. Nicole jibbed a bread-maker and I did my semi-annual DFO clothes shop, as part of which Eloise emerged with some spiffy new shoes.

Eloise has been play-dating away with various people whilst the school holidays have been on, and has had a couple of little chums over for "sleepovers," a social custom here where little people visit one another and terrorise households for an extended overnight period. I think it's sleep-over as in hang-over or something. All good fun at the time, but you kind of regret it afterwards, with the late nights, lack of sleep etc.

Anyway Eloise wrote a letter to Santa in which she requested Roller Blades, a Fish, and a Whippet.

We pointed out that Santa isn't in the Live Animal Transportation business and that consequently may not be able to deliver pets, but it seems that Roller Blades aren't outside his price range, and as he didn't see fit to consult his parents over the protracted periods of time that might be requested at the Skate Centre, that these may in fact be procured.

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