Nov 13, 2012

Tired, Warm, Punctual

So even though things seem on the face of it easy, with nights only lightly punctuated by bawling and life progressing very much in a not-too-disrupted routine, other than regular stops for the tapping of the nork and medical visits to doctors and midwives, and the babe (still unnamed) sleeping a great deal, Nicole and I are still tired, for even though we profess not to have fallen victim to the same "china doll" syndrome that we probably had - though not nearly as badly as some - we are still obviously in a state of heightened emotions. And Nicole especially is tired, from recovering from Day Zero to constant breastfeeding, to the warm weather, to regularly overestimating her reserves of energy.

Spud (or Woody as the others call her, in recognition of her skill at woodpeckering) is now managing to point both her eyes in roughly the same direction, and we are having periods of marked lucidity and eye contact where it's just possible she might recognise that she's looking at something significant.

We have confirmed that she is not deaf by way of a clever machine at the hospital. She was wired up to electrodes and had ear pieces fitted. The machine played sounds in her ears and monitored the brain-stem for nerve impulses. We were impressed. Eloise's hearing test involved someone sneaking around a room and clapping!

She is almost back to her birth weight now, and drinking like a lunatic, especially when it's hot and she's thirsty.

We are constantly noting how a summer baby is so much easier than a winter baby, since not having to fit some kind of heated environmental spacesuit means you can actually be on time for things.

We're even managing to be on time for school, which is pretty amazing as Eloise insists on pushing the pram all the way there.

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