Nov 19, 2012

One Astrological Event Displaces Another

In the sense that the birth of a child is an astrological event, and were it not for that astrological event, we could well have been in Cairns to experience the total solar eclipse that happened last week.

In the event, however, as it were, we weren't, we were in Brisbane, so we had to make do with the partial eclipse we got.

And, with our own little event in tow (Scorpio), we went to Chermside Retail Mecca, and parked in the Prammy Spaces, so parking was a breeze! But no eclipse glasses to be had: 'We sold out two weeks ago' said National Geographic Lady, 'we weren't expecting it to be a big deal, but we've had fifty calls today.'

So no eclipse glasses in Brisbane, but who needs eclipse glasses when you have binoculars and a piece of card! And if you don't have binoculars, you can borrow some!

So we borrowed some binoculars, got up at 6am as the sun was shrinking in the Eastern sky, and ate pancakes whilst projecting it onto a big piece of card. If you look on the picture, you'll see its crescent there.

And when maximum partiality was achieved, indeed the light did become a smidgeon unnatural, darkening a bit - not much, but it felt cooler than it should've.

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