Nov 19, 2012


The Boss So: no name yet, don't nag.

Eyes appear to be focussing, intense locking of gaze is being achieved. Touching of faces with hands, etc, which is nice. Maybe even the vestiges of recognition. Who knows. She is, at any rate, taking an interest in the light and dark things that surround her.

Her legs are powerful, She has the ability to move in a limited way using them. She kicked me in the gonads today. Bless.

She is strong of neck, and appears to enjoy being suspended upside-down. At least it stops her crying.

Grip is good. As Nicole's hair will attest.

She doesn't entirely object to nappy changing, and I am fondly recalling the love I have for baby poo. Really!

Eloise is in charge of bathing, and discharges her duty with great care. I remember she used to absolutely hate having a bath, yet Spud 2 (or shall we let Woody stick) allows it reasonably fusslessly.

Breastfeeding continues to proceed without problems at considerable volume, though balance is yet to be achieved as Woody currently over-indulges and then vomits.

Last night for instance several hours of quality slumber were lost when a mega-vomit was expelled. Not a problem in itself, but Dionysian hunger soon followed, in the manner of a bingeing Roman, and the breasticles were unable to provide sufficient volumes.

Eventually, loud protests were silenced when one of the breasts was able to provide a snifter sufficient to suffer sleep, and slumber was restored.

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