Aug 15, 2012


A Nicole-less Ekka this year, just the sprog and I on a swelter-weight tour of duty around Flusville, Queensland, braving the crowds on the public holiday on an amazing ambulation of agriculture and animalia.

Just to be different we arrived at a new entrance this year, from which Nicole dropped us. I can't remember exactly why she didn't come this year, probably something to do with being pregnant and knacked - I'm sure she'll confirm.

However first stop was a shed in which freestyle blacksmithery was taking place, adding coals to the fire of an already warm and sunny winter's day, which in Queensland, as you'll no doubt recall can be deceptive in hiding the strength of the sun's rays within a diaphonous veil of being just quite warm.

A-wandering around the lower part of the venue - somewhat ensmallened this year due to the onward march of capitalist forces making apparently inevitable the necessity to sell previously public space to the highest bidder on which to build - what else - "blue chip" apartment complexes - we checked out the Ekka-tat stalls and looked at some of the Sideshow Alley distractions before find our focus and going in search of some furry animals friends to cuddle.

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