Aug 15, 2012


Of course the chicks are always a favourite. Eloise is clearly blossoming in terms of her social and environmental skills as she made me queue for her whilst buggering off and amusing herself at a Bovine Lactation demonstration. There was a certain amount of angst as I struggled with the conflict between
1) the parental urge to actually have some idea of where one's child is an a huge throng of people and animals, and
2) the English urge not to lose one's place in a queue

The struggle played itself out over a reasonable protracted period of time, with option 2) having the upper hand for most - well actually all - the time, until I reached the head of the queue, actually had to let someone go before me (teeth grinding behind my polite smile), and then Little Miss Punctual Sunshine skips up, and in we go to molest some chickens.

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