Aug 21, 2012

Amendments to School Routine

Sleeping Dog Some changes have been made to the school routine.

Whereas previously Eloise would attend (voluntarily and on her own initiative) before-school activities such as Reading Club and Maths Club, these have now unilaterally and inexplicably been withdrawn by the school due to children actually using and enjoying them rather than being frogmarched along to them for purely remedial purposes, without prior warning or any communication at all really, which to be honest rather pissed us off, but there you go.

Anyway, this leaves us with a gamut of morning time, which generally speaking has been taken up with transporting the Ever-Expanding Nicole to work and then back again home to walk/cycle/scooter to school.

The dog usually accompanies us to school in the morning nowadays, with Eloise on her bike or scooter on a non-dancing day. On a dancing day she will walk or scoot and I will pick her up from school and take her down to dancing as it seems a bit silly and self-defeating to rush around like blue-arsed flies to get home for a panic-stricken and time-fraught snack-in and change-up just to drive back the way we came anyway.

On a non-dancing day though, it's leg-power of some kind or other all the way.

So some days Matilda gets three walks: it's no wonder the old girl is in such fantastic health, and in need of so... much.... sleep.

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