Jan 29, 2012


Puppies We see Peter down at the market every now and then.

He has three Rhodesian Ridgebacks, beautiful specimens, and he takes the whole thing kind of seriously, going to shows and all that.

And it just so happens he lives on our street.

So Eloise, dog-fan, was delighted to hear that Peter's lady-dog was in the family way and that she was due to drop around Christmas time.

She agitated every single day to be allowed to go and see the puppies. Initially this was not allowed because the puppies were too little, then because they were too delicate, then because she was just nagging too much and it was bloody irritating.

But finally I relented and we went around and were invited in to see the puppies wobbling around, suckling, sleeping, and pooing and peeing.

A week later we went back to see the puppies walking around, suckling, sleeping, pooing and peeing.

A certain sister-in-law should thank her lucky stars that she won't be required to lick up her offspring's doings.

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