Jan 11, 2012

On another day in New South Wales

Uncertain Road We went out one morning to walk the dog and decided to go down to Ballina and see what beaches there were.

The writing was on the wall as we approached our candidate and the heavens opened, prompting eyebrows, so we progressed on the Lake Something Or Other where things were dry and took our chances.

We took an umbrella, sensibly, as a hundred yards onto the beach, raindrops began to fall, building rapidly to a drumroll of water on the umbrella beneath which we all cowered, lowing.

Eventually we came to the conclusion that things were unlikely to improve, and legged it.

Though we did manage a beachy walk later on.

Something woke me in the early morning and I looked outside to see dark and murk, so I decided to take a drive with the dog down to Byron through the valleys. It was a misty drive at first with ghostly groves of macadamias sliding by but then the rising sun reached through an edge of mist and we descended in clear air to find Belongil Beach which we tramped up and down, dodging the high tide surging up against the rocks.

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