Mar 28, 2011

Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather Time tick tocks on: Eloise goes to school, I help out with reading most mornings, and swimming spotting.

The weather has alternated between showers and rain and from warm to pretty hot. The Queenslanders moan about the heat and humidity before quietly admitting that they kind of enjoy it really.

This is probably the first real Queensland summer we've experienced. Always the drought previously but this year, I suppose it goes without saying, the rains have been around with a vengeance.

Even now in North Queensland they're getting massive rain on a pretty regular basis, of the order of 20cm a day, with all the flooding that goes along with that.

Uncharacteristically for us, when the weather has become unpleasant we haven't made a beeline for the beach; which is a bit of a break with tradition.

Mostly we've been sticking to the forests and watching as they dry out, then the rain comes and the paths turn to streams as the water runs off land which I guess is pretty damp underneath the surface.

But it hasn't really rained here for ages now in any really meaningful way.

Though even as I speak I think I can hear the white noise of drizzle outside.

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