Apr 1, 2011

The Beach of Unrelenting Focus and Direction

06:33:35 The Beach is all cleared up, no more Riverwalk sections sitting forlornly out in the bay. A horse wandered on the sand flats, an indeterminate distance, as the sun came up.

We've had Prince William in town to commiserate with the floodees, how exciting! And he's getting married on my birthday too.

The Lord Mayor has quit after the floods to become the Liberal (read Conservative) leader of the State Government.

Such evolution and excitement apart, life goes on.

Term is drawing to a close. We had a parent-teacher interview. Feedback generally positive, but a slight issue with distraction... don't know where she gets that from... reading and numeracy are going well, but when it comes to sticking insect parts into books Eloise is more interested in producing perfect colouring-in and then having a chat with her buddies.

All the kids get "home readers" every day at school, little books they bring home and read in the evening. Then the next day they bring them back to school and read them to parent volunteers before choosing a new one for the next day. It's all good fun.

She has grown to 111cm tall, whilst mysteriously maintaining mass parity at 15kg, given that she's been eating like the proverbial horse.

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