Jan 2, 2011

Our House Frog

Froggy This little chappy provided us with literally hours of evening entertainment.

He'd pop out onto the deck at around 8 o'clock and hang around.

There were these stupid creatures, later identifed as cicadas. They were kind of beetly flies that we about as big as this chap was (around four inches long maybe).

They'd fly onto our balcony, attracted by the light, or by some kind of deathwish, and land in front of this guy.

He'd sort of sit there for a while, umming and ahhing about it, before deciding... OK.... then leaping into action, jumping on the cicada and swallowing it whole with just the wings poking out of its mouth, doing a strange contortion to ingest the beasty, then returning to his gently consideration of the world for a few minutes until another of these idiots landed in front of him.

After he'd eaten a couple this cicada landed in front of him but he just wasn't interested. After a while the cicada got desperate, took off and landed on this back. It crawled onto his head, whereupon he took some sort of umbrage and swatted it away,

We found a monster poo in the morning. Cicada-sized, in fact.

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