Jan 4, 2011

Dampened Spirit of Christmas

Privacy Settings With the rain set in and a permanent fixture and an ear infection rendering me deaf and feeling like one half of my head was deep underwater, things weren't really looking too good.

Not to be discouraged by something as seemingly irrelevant as constant precipitation, Nicole and her Dad were plotting barbecues and menus.

As vast tracts of Queensland disappeared underwater we all spent far too much time in shopping centres, procuring the Xmas necessities.

The Tree duly went up with much delight and the Great White Bearded Lie was spruiked shamelessly.

Eloise wrote a list which read, in order: 1) Violin. 2) Pink Teddy Bear. 3) DS.

"What's a DS?" we asked. Shrug. Not looking too good for the violin either. But the pink teddy was a shoe-in.

Marion and Hannah dropped in and left a present to be opened on the Eve, which turned out to be a special cup and saucer for leaving out stuff for Santa.

Eloise duly left out the cup of milk, a mince pie, several cookies. I'm sure he loved them, ahem.

When Eloise woke up she was to say the least slightly excited. The outsider winner in the stocking turned out to be the Orange, with which she was charmingly delighted.

Other presents were rationed throughout the day as international donors became available on Skype, or not.

However the Grandparents produced a DS, which provoked amazement. And the violin was at least partially fulfilled as a full-sized keyboard was revealed.

And so the day went, opening presents, eating food, nipping next door, dripping antibiotics into my ear, walking dogs, eating food, Skyping folks, etc. etc.

The barbecue out back was utilised with a cardboard box used as a rain-shelter. We ate outside in reluctant defiance of the elements.

No TV. Well... maybe a little.

Christmas spirit dampened bu undefeated.

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