Jan 12, 2011


Brisbane Floodway I gather our little home town is on the news today.

Yesterday Toowoomba got smacked by a rainstorm and was engulfed by a wall of water. The so-called "inland tsunami" swept down the Great Dividing Range taking cars and whole houses with it.

In a couple of days, this deluge, combined with releases from Wivenhoe Dam which is now at 190% of capacity, apparently, with more rain plus a "King Tide" exacerbated by the low pressure, will make its way down to the Brisbane River and to the city itself.

The river is already bursting its banks at several points with private jetties and accompanying boats coming free and floating down the river from the affluent upstream suburbs.

The outlook is for even worse flooding than 1974, an iconic moment in the city's recent history.

Fingers crossed we'll be all right as we are on reasonably high ground, but a walk down to the brook shows just how much water there is making its way across the land to the sea, one way or another.

We went shopping for arts and craft supplies for rainy days. The shop was shut.

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