Apr 8, 2014

The Gap Thing

So with a gap of eight years and a little bit of sister time under our belts, we could take stock a little on way things are going, casting a weather eye over these mums - drawn and haggard, with multiple offspring close together in time, patient and calm with a thinly concealed ragged edge - and contrasting that with our situation, where I feel no particular need to conceal my ragged edge, but somehow remain sort of patient and kind of calm. Mostly.

And without a doubt it's easier with one at school, and when she's at home she can help with Lyra for the ten seconds or so it takes until she gets distracted by some nonsense or a telly or tablet or something vaguely shiny that she sort of catches a glimpse of out of the corner of her eye.

And it's lovely when they cuddle and get on, and you can reason with one of them at least when there is conflict.

But then you have to schedule sleep time so that school can be done and be at the various out-of-school things at the various out-of-school times. And one child that wakes up at 5am and one that would sleep until 10 given a half a chance. And I suppose there's the extra seven years of child rearing that'll be involved...

So maybe we should come back when seven years are up and think about this all again.

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